Our Partners

In addition to the many vehicle and component manufacturers that supply our ability to source and supply our uniquely designed solutions for your transportation challenges, the following support pieces also provide a foundation that you can rely upon.

ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance

Our industry is part of a community that often handles and sometimes generates hazardous materials. We minimize our “footprint” in the world by cautious handling, but our efforts also extend to a large focus on recycling; metal products, paper/cardboard products, plastic items, waste oil is retained and used to heat our building, we collect and re-cycle waste oil and fuel filters, changing out less efficient light fixtures to LED on exterior, planning for changing the many shop and office fixtures to LED lighting, and studies to use our large shop roof for a major solar project.

Our suppliers are vetted to ensure they follow the same high standards that our founders opened this company with in 1982. Most of what we offer is mechanical devices (typically vehicles) built by humans. They are well designed, and we have criteria to ascertain that each piece will be fit for the stated purposes, but they will fail. Despite the intention that they will be perfect, they are not, it’s what happens when a failure is discovered that makes not only Colonial’s commitment to our customers really shine, but we can do that with confidence because while we have dedicated 38 years to this process, most of our primary vendors/manufacturers have equally committed to supporting the products they offer to and through our firm. We won’t represent a vendor that does not readily share this commitment. Employees are treated respectfully, not only for their professional position, but also with consideration for personal situations and needs. We have a detailed Employee Manual and it is provided to each new hire. Almost everything that arises is covered in the Manual. Those items that we determine are unique, get unique treatment in the same spirit as the Manual guides. The owners and managers have a high regard for each employee. We are a small firm, but typically have more than 50 % of our employees have been here over 15 years, and a small group of 7 have been here over 35 years.

For Colonial, this is an area of extreme consistency. We have the same founders as owners. We have the same Director. We use the same CPA firm for over 15 years. We have never used the company as a political platform, and we shun business opportunities that may not reflect well on us as a company and as professionals. We have strong support with our banking partners. Most of our business comes from referrals.

MSI – Maryland State Safety Inspection station

We are a licensed State Police Inspection station for medium duty vehicles (over 10,000 lbs. GVWR). In addition, we provide Federal and State DOT periodic and annual inspections for all vehicles, including annual School Bus inspections.

Cummins Engines

Colonial has been appointed a Cummins Dealer and Warranty Service Center, including a full line of direct access to Cummins parts supply for all Cummins Engine Groups (medium duty, heavy duty, and alternative fuels – ISB – ISX).

Allison Transmissions

Colonial has been appointed an Allison Dealer and Warranty Service Center, including a full line of direct access to Allison parts supply for Transmission Series 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 (including the World Transmission lines).


Colonial is the Channel Partner for XLFleet throughout the mid-Atlantic, as well as a certified installer and repair facility. Using the green solution products by XLFleet on new vehicle purchases or leases, as well as retrofit installs on existing fleet units provide success with sustainability goals AND ROI – Return On Investment, not just empty progress.